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LCD TV – Home Theater Tulsa

Consumers have several choices when it comes to purchasing an HDTV in thehome theater Tulsa market. We will be covering different types of HDTVs and the advantages and disadvantages of each one. Let’s discuss LCD or liquid crystal display televisions. LCDs are the most widely produced and sold TV display type available in the home theater Tulsa market. LCDs use back-light technology and the most common one is CCFL or cold cathode fluorescent lamps.

Advantages of LCD | Home Theater Tulsa

LCDs are lightweight and have a thin profile, making them easy to install in home theater Tulsa. For example, a typical 42 inch LCD TV weighs in at about 55lbs, including a stand. In contrast, a 40 inch CRT TV weighs in at about 300lbs without a stand. Each year the new models seem to be getting lighter and thinner. There is no burn-in of static images with LCDs and they have a cooler running temperature than some other technologies available. LCDs use a little less energy than comparably sized plasma displays. There are newer technologies emerging in LCD televisions in the home theater Tulsa market that will have lower energy consumption as one of their advantages.

Disadvantages of LCD | Home Theater Tulsa

As with all products there are certain disadvantages. In LCD fast moving images may have a slight trailer effect. Various improvements in technology have make this effect barely detectable. Occasionally a pinpoint of bright light or black can be seen if a pixel sticks on or off and this can be distracting to the viewer. From certain angles video contrast and color may be lost. This could cause blacks and whites to appear grayer in color.

Wrap Up | Home Theater Tulsa

LCD televisions are the best choice for streaming PC content in the home theater Tulsa market. They also perform very well in brightly lit or sunny rooms because of their image brightness.