Our Process



  • We offer free consultation to discuss ideas and requirements for your project installation and integration.various aspects will be discussed during our consultation including budget,time frame,and contract details.we will then provide you with detailed,written proposal with an estimated cost for your approval

Design & Detailed Quotation

  • Architectural drawing (when available) with a detailed tubing schematic,showing the route & size of each tube that is to be installed.
  • A cable schedule detailing each cable run,its use and reference number.
  • A room by room specification,outlining possibilities in each area.
  • Recommendations on possible upgrades for the future of your system.

Project Manager

  • A project Manager will be assigned for the entire duration of your project to ensure clear communication,execution,and schedule management while maintain you in the loop every step of the way.this will you access to site meeting for quick resolutions,and certainty that your expectations are begin met to ensure the final product will match your exact vision and budget.

Pre-Wiring and Installation

  • Elite Sound & Cinema ensure that all cables are run correctly with right lengths and left clearly labeled. Once all the pre-wiring is completed,which involves terming and testing all the cables that have been installed,our experts will begin the installation and configuration o the hardware

Programming & Education

  • “Most of the programming of remotes and control systems are done at our office, then installed and custom changes are made to your needs and wants. This ensures your system will be fine-tuned to give you the best experience possible and that you get the most out of your product
  • One last presentation and a full system demonstration,showing you what each room and system can do
  • we will give couple weeks to play and become acquainted with your new system before having one of our technicians return to check up on you