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LED TV – Home Theater Tulsa

LED TVs area type of LCD TV available in the home theater Tulsa market. LED, or light-emitting diode, is actually the latest back-light technology to hit the LCD scene.  There are a few different techniques used in LED.  They are full-array LED, edge-lit LED and dynamic ’local dimming’ LED.  Full-array lighting places LEDs behind the screen in a grid pattern to produce an image.  This allows the TV to dim certain LEDS for better contrast ratios.  Edge-lit TVs have placed LEDs around the frame of the TV with the light directed toward the center of the screen to produce it’s image.  Dynamic LEDs use a method of back-lighting that allows dimming of specific areas of darkness.  This can produce an image with truer blacks and whites at much higher contrast ratios.

 Advantages of LED TV | Home Theater Tulsa

There are some wonderful advantages to LED TVs in the home theater Tulsa market.  Edge-lit LEDs are much thinner than other HDTVs.  For example, an LCD screen seems relatively thin at 4″.  However, some LEDs are housed in a bezel that is a mere .2″ or 5mm.  These thinner sets are also lighter.  For example, a 42″ LED TV weighs in at approximately 43lbs.  Plasma TVs are well-known for their crisp blacks and whites and for their fast response times, but LEDs match these  area of performance quite closely.  LEDs use roughly 20 to 30% less energy than other types of HDTVs in the home theater Tulsa market area.  They are more reliable and have a longer lifespan than both plasma and CCFL LCD TVs.  There is no mercury used in the manufacturing of LED TVs, making them a more attractive product to eco-conscious consumers in thehome theater Tulsa market .

Disadvantages of LED TV | Home Theater Tulsa

The biggest disadvantage to LED TVs is currently the price.  This is a relatively new technology and therefore it commands the highest price in the home theater Tulsa market.  Another issue some viewers may notice is a slight halo effect around bright images that are on a dark background.

Overall, LED TVs are the best for eco-conscious viewers in the home theater Tulsa market or those who are into fast-paced gaming.