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RPTV – Home Theater Tulsa

Until about 2005 RPTV or rear-projection TV technology provided the most affordable consumer big screen tvs available. Modern RPTV has been commercially available since the 1970s in the home theater tulsa market. However the older models could not match the image clarity of direct view CRT. Current models of RPTV have improved immensely, providing a cost effective HDTV large-screen display.

Advantages of RPTV | Home Theater Tulsa

The advantages of RPTV include the following:  RPTVs are surprisingly lightweight for their size. RPTVs also provide outstanding picture quality on very large screen, typically 60 inches and larger.  As screens get larger, RPTVs tend to be more cost effective than LCD, LED or Plasma TVs but are losing popularity in thehome theater Tulsa market.

Disadvantages of RPTV | Home Theater Tulsa

There are a couple of disadvantages to RPTVs hence the declining popularity in home theater Tulsa. The depth of a typical RPTV is 16-24 inches, making it too big and bulky to mount on a wall.  The lamps contained in RPTVs have a relatively short lifespan and must be replaced every few years.  Due to the falling prices and technology improvements being made in LCDs some of the major manufacturers are dropping RPTV from their line-up of products.

Wrap Up RPTV | Home Theater Tulsa

Overall, RPTV is a cost effective product for anyone who wants to bring a cinematic experience to their home and for consumers who have large, roomy home theaters that can accommodate their size this is why they are still at times installed in home theater Tulsa.