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Plasma TVs – Home Theater Tulsa

Plasma TVs use a technology that has small cells containing electrically charged ionized gases, more commonly known as fluorescent lamps. The back of each cell is coated with a phosphor (red, green or blue).  The phosphors light up evenly across the screen to produce an image. This technology produces a consistently bright, clear image which has vibrant colors. This type of TV is widely available in the home theater Tulsa market.

Advantages of Plasma TV | Home Theater Tulsa

Some advantages of plasma TVs are high contrast ratios, large screen sizes, rapid pixel response and wide viewing angles. Plasma TVs are capable of producing some of the darkest blacks and brightest whites resulting is superior contrast ratios.  Plasma TVs come is a variety of sizes in the home theater Tulsa market- typically from 42 inches up to 150 inches diagonally.  Plasma TVs demonstrate superior performance with rapid motion content due to rapid pixel response rates. This means no blurry motion. You will also see the same high quality image regardless of where you are sitting in the room. Unlike LCD TVs, plasma TVs do not suffer form image degradation at high angles.

Disadvantages of Plasma TV | Home Theater Tulsa

The disadvantages of plasma TV include risk of image burn-in on earlier generation plasma TVs. Newer models have pixel orbiters to reduce this effect, but it does not prevent it entirely.  Plasmas require more energy than an LCD TV in the home theater Tulsa market.  Plasma TVs do not function well at high altitudes. The difference in pressure between gases inside the screen and the air pressure at high altitudes creates a buzzing noise.  Plasma TVs have a glass screen, the high reflectivity of the glass can make it difficult to view the screen in sunny or brightly lit rooms in the home theater Tulsa area.  Plasma TVs also produce strong infrared emissions. This can interfere with standard IR repeater systems and may mean that the consumer has to purchase a more costly plasma compatible sensor.

Overall, plasma TVs are great for large groups who want to view something together in the home theater Tulsa area. It is also a great technology for movies and sports with nonstop action.