About Us

Company Biography

Rob Smith is the President of Elite Sound and Cinema. He founded ESC in late 1999, after his years of experience installing car and home audio systems had shown him the need for a company specializing in the installation of custom, ready-to-use home entertainment systems. His goal was to make people’s lives happier and more simplistic by providing complete electronic solutions, rather than by simply selling products. With a big vision and lots of hard work, he hopes to make ESC into one of the top custom system integrators in the industry. Rob’s passion for people and love for the industry form the bedrock of Elite Sound and Cinema’s business: ESC strives to provide the leadership and service necessary for combining today’s highly-sophisticated technologies with the lifestyle requests of our most discerning clientele. When designing, constructing and installing state of the art home-theater systems, we deliver the highest quality products and service possible. When you come home from a hard days work you can rest assured that a system designed by ESC will help you forget about daily pressures, and will put your mind into a stress-free environment.

Company Story

Elite Sound and Cinema was not always known as ESC. We were formerly known as DreamWorks Audio/Video. In early 2001, only a few years after we’d opened for business, a letter came in the mail requesting us to change our name. The letter came from none other than Steven Spielberg’s company, DreamWorks SKG. Although the DreamWorks A/V name had been trademarked in Tulsa, it was not trademarked nationwide, thus the request for the name-change. Rob Smith, our president, made several phone-calls to Spielberg’s company to discuss this matter. In the end, DreamWorks SKG felt that, although our industries were not directly related, DreamWorks A/V might one day become a large enough company to pose a threat. So, after much deliberation, Rob decided to change our company’s name to Elite Sound and Cinema. A few weeks later, Rob received another letter from DreamWorks SKG requesting that he sign over the rights to the domain name for the website. Although frustrated at this point, Rob soon smiled, realizing how cool it was that a small new company in Tulsa, Oklahoma could cause such a stink with one of the most successful companies in the world. As Rob considered this situation he thought, “I bought and paid for that domain name. They have no right to it.” Finally, he called DreamWorks SKG and told them if they wanted the DreamWorks domain name, they could purchase it from him. After many negotiations, both parties settled on an amount, and the rest is history. From that point on, Elite Sound and Cinema never looked back.

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