Lighting Control


4c03ec3a1b848While the home automation market continues to grow each year, current solutions only address customers who are building high-end custom homes or doing major reconstruction on an existing home. Homeowners need a more affordable way to automate their existing homes without the headaches and expense of major remodeling. And they want to be able to add new products over time as they are able to afford additional technology.

The founders of Control4 , Will West, Eric Smith and Mark Morgan , understand the needs of homeowners. As veterans of the home automation market, they recognize that better wireless standards and the advent of Internet Protocol (IP) technology allow more existing homes to become candidates for home automation. That\’s why the team has created a new company called Control4.

Control4 manufactures a complete line of affordable wired and wireless home automation products, making safety, convenience, comfort and economy available to virtually any homeowner in America. Control4 wireless products can be installed in any home in just a few hours, without the need for extensive or expensive remodeling. Not only can homeowners easily customize their Control4 system to meet their unique lifestyles, but the modular nature of the products also enables customers to start small and add to their systems over time. Our products are capable of delivering a complete solution for the home because they integrate the control of lighting, audio, video, landscape and climate into a single cohesive system.

As the demand for home automation continues to grow, Control4 plans to stay at the forefront of the industry by providing innovative products and solutions that deliver tomorrow\’s lifestyle improvements today.


4c03eb872c5e6Lighting control is becoming more and more popular in today’s society. Elite Sound and Cinema has been integrating lighting control in homes as small as 2000 square feet. Lighting control simplifies your lifestyle and increases security. Picture this: Your wife and kids come home at the end of the day to find the front door kicked-in! Is the intruder still inside? Fortunately, you have a Lutron system installed. Your wife pushes the security button on the Lutron garage-door opener. All the lights flash in your home, the alarm is triggered, and the security company is called — all with the push of a button!

Lighting control also provides other benefits: You can get rid of those unsightly wall switches. You can turn out all the lights in your home with the push of a button. You can even change the mood of your lighting with single button. It’s not just for the rich any longer. You can have a lighting control system installed for as low as $3000.

Joel and Ruth Spira founded Lutron Electronics Company, Inc. in 1961. Lutron’s first product was called a “dimmer switch.” This product represented the world’s first solid-state electronic device used to dim lights in a home, replacing bulky rheostats and autotransformers that were inefficient and unattractive. Although Lutron has grown substantially over the past several decades, the company still maintains the feel and personal closeness of a smaller firm, and to this day still operates under the guidance of the company’s 5 Principles. Today, over 40 years later, Lutron is still devoted to controlling lighting. Their focus on product innovations, technology, quality, and customer service has made them the undisputed worldwide leader in the field of lighting control. They offer more than 10,000 products to satisfy virtually any residential or commercial demands. Lutron products adjust the intensity of virtually every kind of light, and they remain to this day the only company that provides an integrated solution for controlling both natural daylight as well as electrical lighting.

Vantage Controls

4c03ebc51008eContrary to popular belief, a little affluence doesn’t necessarily simplify your life. As you well know, the opposite is often true. In your favor, Vantage has over 20 years of expertise addressing the very issues that transform the potential of home control into reality.

With Vantage, complex settings involving lighting, music, video, window treatments and temperature are activated with a single touch. Keypads and touchscreens compliment your décor. Remote access enables you to activate, change or monitor your home and home systems from anywhere.

Providing time-proven solutions that are fully customized to your specific needs is why Vantage has been pioneering and leading the industry since its inception. It’s also why you can be assured we’ll be there when it’s time to enhance your life with whatever comes next.