Lighting Control

It’s amazing what a single button press can do. Imagine one press that turns on, or off, as many lights as you determine. One button can turn off the entire home system to save energy as you leave. Exterior lights that automatically go on at sunset and off at midnight – holiday lights that do the same thing. You can create a different lighting “scene” for events like dining, movie watching, entertaining, or just plain living in the house. Maybe you have a few items in the home you would like dimly lit to highlight them, such as art, a trophy, an award, or a diploma.

The great thing about lighting control is the possibilities of what you can do are almost limitless. Your creativity can flourish when we discuss the options of lighting control in your home. Lighting control used to be thought of as expensive, and mostly it was. However, advancements in technology have made the cost more reasonable than most of our clients think. There are also wired and wireless options available. We’d love to visit with you about your home, so give us a call today for a free consultation.