Home Cinema

Everyone throws around the term home theater. But a home cinema designed by Elite Sound & Cinema changes the definition and brings it to a higher level through superior performance and comfort. Many of our clients lead very busy lives, so it’s always nice to have a place you can go to relax and be whisked away by entertainment. A custom home cinema offers that and much more. The following questions will be discussed in depth so that we may provide you with your own unique home cinema:

  • What surround sound system will work best in the given space?
  • What type of video equipment will optimize my viewing experience? Believe it or not a bigger screen does not always equal better.
  • Do I need or want to insulate/isolate the sound coming from the room?
  • How do I optimize the audio and video inside the room?
  • What wiring is required?
  • What type of remote or automation system is necessary – will it work with my automation system or do I need a separate remote for each room?

Our cumulative years of experience provide the proper amount of expertise, whether your need is a simple surround system in a single room or a custom cinema designed by us from floor to ceiling. We promise when the room is finished, we will have delivered results that:

  • Meet or exceed your audio and video performance requirements.
  • Easy to use and reliable.
  • Aesthetically pleasing.
  • Fits your budget.
  • Provides for future technologies as much as possible.

Let us earn your business by coming out for a free home consultation today.