Home Automation & Control

Many people ask us: what is home automation? These days it has a very different definition than even a few years ago. While many factors including desires, needs and budget play a part, the most direct answer is this: home automation can make all of the electronic systems in your home work in harmony in an easy to use and unobtrusive way. A well designed home automation system can create a better lifestyle and living experience for you and your family. This is also known as a “smart home”. We like to say don’t just build a home, build a smart home!

Creating a smart home compliments your lifestyle. Not only can you customize the temperature in your house, you can set up your home to lock or unlock doors, turn on lights, or set a scene that comes on when your garage door goes up. From the touch of a button you can create the individual environment you desire. Your home will be perfect before you even step inside the door! This automation can also make your home look lived in whether you’re home or away. Criminals are less likely to approach a house that appears to be occupied. Amazingly, all of this control can be achieved with your iPhone, iPad or Android device. There are simply so many possibilities we cannot cover them all here. We encourage you to call Elite today to fine tune what your automated life can be.