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AudioControl’s slogan is “Loud and Clear” and they mean it. A unique company in that they build high perfromance audio products for both car and home, AudioControl specializes in products that give you the ability to turn it up, without distortion or compromise. This may sound easy, but trust us, it’s more difficult than it seems. For home audio they specialize in only separate components, pre-amps, amps and room calibration equipment that bring uncompromised audio quality to your space. With products in car, home and professional markets, AudioControl holds marketshare in over 26 countries. After one listen, you’ll understand the difference AudioControl separates make over a standard receiver.

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Control4 Automation

While the home automation market continues to grow each year, current solutions only address customers who are building high-end custom homes or doing major reconstruction on an existing home. Homeowners need a more affordable way to automate their existing homes without the headaches and expense of major remodeling. And they want to be able to add new products over time as they are able to afford additional technology.

The founders of Control4 , Will West, Eric Smith and Mark Morgan , understand the needs of homeowners. As veterans of the home automation market, they recognize that better wireless standards and the advent of Internet Protocol (IP) technology allow more existing homes to become candidates for home automation. That\’s why the team has created a new company called Control4.

Control4 manufactures a complete line of affordable wired and wireless home automation products, making safety, convenience, comfort and economy available to virtually any homeowner in America. Control4 wireless products can be installed in any home in just a few hours, without the need for extensive or expensive remodeling. Not only can homeowners easily customize their Control4 system to meet their unique lifestyles, but the modular nature of the products also enables customers to start small and add to their systems over time. Our products are capable of delivering a complete solution for the home because they integrate the control of lighting, audio, video, landscape and climate into a single cohesive system.

As the demand for home automation continues to grow, Control4 plans to stay at the forefront of the industry by providing innovative products and solutions that deliver tomorrow\’s lifestyle improvements today.

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Denon Audio

From its beginning in 1910 as a manufacturer of single-side disc records and gramophones, Denon has become a world leader in the manufacture of high quality audio equipment, audio/video equipment and software products for the entertainment and information industries. Denon is also the only company in the industry involved in the development and production of both hardware and software. We believe that Denon equipment is a great value for the customer wanting to build a home theater and control his multi-room audio at the same time. Denon makes it possible to do this without spending a fortune on separate pieces of equipment for the home and the theater. Denon designs equipment for the person wanting to have just about every option under the sun. If there is new technology on the horizon, you can bet Denon will be among the first to have it.

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Krell Electronics

Krell Industries, LLC, is the premier manufacturer of high-end audio equipment, featuring award winning amplifiers, preamplifiers, SACD players, DVD players, surround sound processors, digital-to-analog converters, and loudspeakers for serious music lovers and home theater aficionados.

High-end audio is a demanding pursuit; an ongoing quest for excellence in music reproduction that drives equipment manufacturers to strive for the absolute in design and performance. With a keen understanding of this passionate drive, Krell Industries was founded in 1980.

For nearly three decades, Krell has earned a distinguished reputation for engineering innovation and product excellence. The company\’s history is replete with product introductions that have deeply impacted the high-end audio industry. The most discriminating audiophiles and product reviewers have consistently recognized Krell components for standard-setting performance. The shear breadth of Krell amplifiers\’ dynamic range capabilities conveys a startling realism that transcends previous designs. Seemingly unlimited frequency response, combined with unerring accuracy and fortitude, extend a tradition that began with the first Krell amplifier; the KSA-100. The KSA-100 was the first high power, high-current, true Class A biased stereo power amplifier available to audiophiles. It was the first Krell product, and its resounding success established Krell as an important new technological contributor to high-end audio.

From the KSA-100 to the present, Krell continually “pushes the envelope” of performance in our search for greater amplifier power. Exploration of new technologies, driven by a never-ending quest to elevate the standard of excellence, has resulted in breakthrough audio designs. Over the years, the Krell line of power amplifiers, including benchmark products such as the KRS-100, KRS-200, and the Audio Standard models, has established a legacy of unparalleled sonic performance.

The Krell product line has diversified, but Krell\’s fundamental research into amplifier design and performance remains at the core of the company\’s achievements. Every Krell component upholds the legacy, incorporating unique technologies that are the direct result of Krell\’s discoveries in audio amplification. They provide unprecedented linearity with the control and accuracy that only comes from superior current capability. The sound is lively and unconstrained, in a manner that evokes live performance and the true sound of instruments. The Krell legacy will continue to evolve with products that deliver innovative engineering, perfection in build quality, and outstanding audio performance.

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Pioneer is a company full of engineers who have difficulty accepting the words “can not be done.” Frequently, industry experts will say something is impossible – only to have Pioneer prove them wrong. So when everyone said that a vehicle was too harsh an environment for the sensitive laser needed to play CDs, Pioneer created the world\’s first in-car CD player. When they said that GPS was only made for military uses, Pioneer created the first in-car GPS navigation system. We\’ve also been instrumental in developing new optical disc technologies. Pioneer had a hand in creating the new Blu-ray Disc format to play movies at home in HD or to record volumes of data from your computer. We also were the first company to create recordable DVD and before that, the Laser Disc. We take product innovation seriously – so you don\’t have to. You can sit back, relax and enjoy the fruits of our efforts.

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Many electronics companies make receivers, few excel at it. Marantz falls easily into the second category. Invented in the 1950’s by a classical guitarist and engineer named Saul Marantz, he was never satisfied with how stereo systems reproduced what he heard when he played live, so he began to design and build his own. Now almost 60 years later, Marantz receivers and other electronic components are always listed as some of the best sounding in the industry. The reason? They place more effort and R&D into their amplifier sections, while still providing all of the latest features available on todays modern receiver.

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As a primary inventor of the CD, DVD and Blu-ray disc, Sony has a pretty good idea of what they are doing when it comes to optical disc manufacture and playback. Which is why we use Sony players in many of our jobs.